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Lightest Electric Wheelchair 08

Lightest Electric Wheelchair
Price: RM

  • Electric Wheelchair Technology Breakthrough!
  • Brushless Hub Motor Drive! + Lithium Battery Pack!
  • Go Brushless Wheelchair! 10x longer life, 50% energy saving, maintenance-free, light & neat!
  • Brushless Power Wheelchair—Wheelchair Technology Revilution!
  • Model:LJS-08A
  • Load:120KG
  • Speed:11km/h
  • Range:15km
  • Slope:12%
  • *Weighs only 22 kg with 1 battery installed*
  1. Brushless Hub Motor+Brushless Controller=Power Saving with Efficiency
  2. The world’s lightest electric wheelchair,23KG(battery included)
  3. 2 Second folding and unfolding
  4. Wider seat width. Ample room with 19″ between armrest.
  5. Brushless Hub Motor has 10 times longer life than the common motor
  6. Integrated hub motor with tire with higher efficiency increased by 50%
  7. Advanced technology:No inertia when going downhill ,No inverted slip when going uphill
  8. Zero angle turns and going anywhere freely
  9. High efficiency+Power saving=Longer Range
  10. Comes with a carrying bag


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